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Craniosacral Therapy for Adults and Pediatrics



New borns and infants with feeding difficulties, sleep issues, recurrent ear infections, colic and digestive issues, torticolis, plagiocephaly (misshapen head), tongue tie and more can all benefit from craniosacral therapy. Even in the easiest birth there can be pressures on the skull, neck and spine that affect healthy function and CST gently addresses these restrictions, allowing the baby to feel better and function normally.


Young children with disorders of attention, developmental delays and/or sensory processing issues respond well to CST, especially in combination with other treatment modailities such as neurodevelopmental therapy, sensory integration and nutritional programs.


Children with other orthopedic, neurological and pain conditions not described above may also benefit. Contact a therapist to ask questions if your situation is not addressed above.



Many people with pain conditions experience great benefit from CST. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, acute or chronic pain - all have shown decreased pain with this treatment approach. Typically people will experience some benefit within the first 2-3 sessions, although it may require more to achieve your full desired results.


Individuals with acute or chronic orthopedic and neurological conditions can also experience improved mobility and function. Those experiencing stress related health issues also respond well to CST. It can be an excellent complement to other treatment approaches, often increasing the effectiveness of other interventions.


There are also people who use CST as part of their ongoing health maintenance program. Similar to getting a massage regularly, they schedule CST sessions to help maintain a state of health and well-being. They find it to be relaxing, to ease the tensions in the body that occur with day to day life.





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