Scheduling and Billing

My practice is a different than many therapy practices because I am self-employed, providing what is considered an alternative or complementary treatment approach. Therefore I am offering the information below to answer some potential questions in advance.

Scheduling: Due to lack of scheduling availability I will not be accepting any new clients until further notice. You can go to to look for other therapists.

I do not have any office or billing staff so I handle all scheduling and administrative tasks myself. This means I am not always prompt but it helps me to keep my prices reasonable. When I am working with a client he/she has my undivided attention so I am not able to answer the phone or respond to texts or emails. Email is my preferred and best method of communication. It is next to impossible for me to respond to phone calls and text messages are easily lost and not consistently received. I do most of my client communication before I start my first client session and again at the end of the work day before I go home. I do not work evenings or weekends. 


I do not bill or work with any third-party payers. Payment is due at the time of service (I can accept cash, check, credit/debit and HSA/FSA debit cards) or you can pay online with PayPal when you schedule your appointment. Please understand that you will have to pay for these services yourself before scheduling an appointment. I will not accept payment from or work with workers compensation, auto insurance for accidents or litigation cases. Because I do not have office staff, I do not have the time and resources needed to supply the necessary paperwork for these cases or billing insurance companies. I understand that can be difficult which is why I make every effort to keep my prices reasonable. I hope you can appreciate that my time is best spent providing treatment and not writing reports, filling out forms, communicating with third party payers, etc. Therapists in larger practices/facilities may have the necessary support staff to allow for other billing arrangements if that is necessary or important for you.