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About Sheryl & Craniosacral Therapy


Please note: I am unable to accept new clients at this time. If you are looking for a therapist to provide craniosacral therapy please go to for a list of other therapists.

About 30 years ago I began to study craniosacral therapy, and because my patients experienced such benefit from this gentle modality I chose to specialize in CST.

I have been an occupational therapist for about 30 years, and have always embraced a holistic view of health and and health care. Craniosacral therapy, and the somatoemotional process, addresses the body as well as the emotions and considers the individual with regard for his or her unique situation. CST treatment principles recognize how all parts of the body and aspects of a person are interrelated, and how structure and function affect each other. The innate intelligence of the body is respected and treatment focuses on releasing blocks, tensions or restrictions that may inhibit the body's self healing abilities. The subtle, rhythmic motion of the craniosacral system (the membranes and fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord) is palpated to locate the origins of symptoms and light touch is used to work with the structures involved. The gentle nature of this work makes it accessible to people of all ages and almost all conditions.


For all of these reasons, CST was a perfect fit for me and as I became more skilled at this work and began to observe the positive, and sometimes remarkable, changes in my patients, it naturally evolved into my specialty.

I learned CST by taking classes with the Upledger Institute, and in 1999 was invited by Dr. John Upledger to work as a therapist and instructor at his clinic in Florida. For over 10 years I taught beginning through advanced level classes for the Upledger Institute all over the world, and worked closely with Dr. Upledger, co-teaching with him during his last year of teaching. After Dr. Upledger retired, I left the Institute and moved to North Carolina - needing to be in a climate with seasonal changes, and a land where there are farms, forests and mountains, as well as closer to my family in Ohio.

I now have a private practice in Waxhaw (southeast of Charlotte) where I see clients in my office, and I have been developing and teaching classes with Don Ash of the CST Alliance. I continue to work with people of all ages and conditions. In  my practice I have newborns and those who were born a long time ago; I have people with longstanding, chronic conditions and recent injuries. I have chosen not to specialize in any specific age group or category because I enjoy the variety and the opportunity for ongoing growth it provides.

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